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HTML5 Banners

Create banners and make changes immediately without involving anyone else but you. Get a realtime overview of impressions, swipes, clicks and more.

Posters and Brochures

Drag and drop your items directly from your product catalog (PIM), into your custom print layout. Ready to print directly or import into Adobe InDesign.

Digital Signage

Build your custom scheduled show and choose what products to show at any given time of the day - ready to publish immediately to selected monitors.

Import to Adobe InDesign

Enrich product texts and images, structure your layout and import a whole multi page print production into Adobe InDesign for finalization.

Adobe InDesign Drag&Drop

We support this industry standard publishing application seamlessly. Search within your product catalog and drag your product directly into the document.

Scheduling and A/B-testing

By scheduling banner content and InStore-TV programs, you'll make the most out of your marketing hours. We also support A/B-testing for optimizing and analytics.

Report and Insight

Serving banners through Adapt will make it trackable, and with this data you'll have a unique insight on what works and what doesn't, so you can optimize realtime!

Web Applications

Develop and host standalone or micro web applications. They'll play well with your existing webpages and are easy to add by just pasting a small javascript snippet.

API output

Have your existing applications grab data from Adapt through the API or create standalone functionality outside. API means freedom to meet your needs!

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